Dear All,

We would like to inform you that v1.2 has been released and it includes some minor bug fixes and some other new functions. Below you can find a list with the changes:
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Email to the Administrator when a comment is submitted
  • A new tag is shown to the pilot until the new you have posted has been read.
  • More Advanced RSS System to work with the most famous RSS application
  • Build-In Licensing System
The module is fully compatible with phpVMS 2.1 and phpVMS 5.5. We tried to make the update as easy as possible. These are the steps you will have to follow:
  1. Login into your account in PHP-Mods Billing System and find Advanced News System under the Services Page.
  2. There are two packages available. Download either AdvancedNewsSystem-v1.2_phpVMS-5.5_PHP-5.5 or AdvancedNewsSystem-v1.2_phpVMS-2.1_PHP-5.3 taking into consideration your phpVMS version.
  3. Unzip the package and upload it same as the structure of your phpVMS system. Replace if requested.
  4. Go to and follow the update steps.
  5. Delete both AdvancedNewsInstallSql and AdvancedNewsUpdateSql folders from your phpVMS main directory.

Our Staff can assist you in case you have any issue. We are glad to assist you and help you updating the module in order to make use of its new features. Just open a new support ticket.

Kind Regards,
PHP-Mods Team

Sunday, October 2, 2016

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