Dear All,

We would like to announce to you that Forum System v1.1 is available and you should be able to download it through your services page. We have made a lot of changes and several additions to the module based on all our clients requests. A lot of bugs which had to do with the permissions has been corrected and the permissions system of the module has become more advanced. Now you are able to select the pilot groups who will have access to a specific board. Also, a brand new rating system has been development and implemented into the system. Of course, it is not a simple rating system. It has two different settings, the one is likes. The "likes" rating system allows your virtual airline's members to like a post. The second one is "karma" which allows the forum members to give a negative or a possitive rate into a post. Below you can view a complete list of the changes and the additions included in the new version.

- Added max-width in img's inside the post. In the previous versions, there were design issues when someone posted an image with an extended width.
- Changed the way boards are marked as read. Now, the user should have read all the topics inside the board to have the board marked as read. In the previous version, a board was marked as read as soon as someone visited it.
- Changed the way search results are shown. The search takes into consideration only words with at least three characters and the post which are not accessible to someone are not included in the results (hidden board, staff board, limited board etc).
- According to the above, we have updated the latest posts functions too.
- Users are not able to reply to a topic whose board is read only.
- Solved some issues with the notification emails.
- When there is any error during a board insert or update, the add or edit form is populated with the submitted details.

- Added a rating system. There are two options in the settings of the forum. Like only which allows the rest of the forum users to like a post and karma. Karma allows the forum users to like or dislike a forum post.
- Added an extra setting to the forum boards which allows you to select whether the user signatures will be shown in their posts or not.
- Added an extra setting to the forum boards access drop down menu. Now, you are able to select "Selected Pilot Groups" and select specifically the pilot groups you want to have access to this specific board. The forum administrators and the moderators have access to these boards even if they are not part of any of the selected pilot group.
- Mark a topic as unread button has been added to each topic.
- View unread topics has been added in the frontpage of the forum system.

How to update?
The update proccess is quiet easy. You will have to download the correct package from your services panel and upload the files the same as the structure of your phpVMS website. Then you will have to visit your and procced with the Forum update. Do not forget to delete both ForumInstallSql and ForumUpdateSql after you have completed the update.

In case you have issues updating the forum, you can get in touch with us via support ticket or via email at phpvms(at)php-mods(dot)eu .

As always, we are waiting for your suggestions and opinion about the module and they way it works. You can check its demo system too to review all of the changes.

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Best Regards,
PHP-Mods Team

Saturday, December 3, 2016

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