Dear All,

We are glad to inform you that the next version of our Pilot Academy Module after almost one and a half year has been released. We would like to thank all the module users for their suggestions and requests. Below you will find a list of the new features/updates of the module:

  • Update of the Version Checking System
We have developed a different version cheching system which has been implemented on the module. This system will be implemented to the rest of the PHP-Mods phpVMS modules in their next updates. There are mainly background changes so there is no need to specify them.

  • Statistics Page
Your trainees can now view a page which includes statistics about the Academy. This page is publicly available (there is no need to be logged into the phpVMS system) in order to comply with 1st requirement of the VATSIM ATO's websites. It includes a lot of statistics about your training courses, requests and checkrides.

  • Course and Request Deletion Function
In the new version of the system, you are allowed to delete a course or a request. Please pay special attention using these functions. Deleting a request will result to the deletion of all the theoretical and practical checkrides. Deleting a course will result to the deletion of all the theoretical questions, material, requests (including theoretical and practical checkrides of each request).

  • Email Notification System

We have decided the development of an email notification system in order to keep you and your users updated about the system work-load. As an administrator, you are informed about new training requests, training assign to a trainer and comments by a trainee. As a trainer, you are informed about the comments but a trainee for the requests you are the trainer. As a trainee, you are being informed as soon as your training is assigned to a trainer, a theoretical or practical checkride is assigned to your request, a practical checkride is evaluated by your trainer, a comment added on your request by the system, an admin or a trainer and as soon as your request is marked as completed or not completed.

  • Other Minor Changes

We have updated some of the functions in order to solve any errors reported and increase the stability of the system.

You can download the new version of the Pilot Academy Module through the services page via logging in into your account. If you have already installed the Pilot Academy Module, you should download the "Pilot Academy_v2.6_Update from v2.5" file. If you are using an older version than 2.5, open a support ticket and we will assist you to for the update progress. Bare in mind that if you have updated any of the template files in order to fit with your current phpVMS template, you will have to update the template files of the new version in order to be able to view all the new features of the system.

PHP-Mods Team will be always here to assist you in anything you need. Thank you very much for your support.

Kind Regards,
PHP-Mods Team

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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