After a lot of months of development, PHP-Mods Team is ready to provide you a preview of our next module. We had published some screenshots in the past but never something that extended. Many of you had requested the development of several forum bridges with phpVMS but we decided that it would be more useful to develop a forum module from the scratch. Of course, the forum does not provide you what a forum platform (such as SMF, phpBB etc) provides to you but this is why we are here. Anything can be implemented as soon as it is considered useful.

The Forum Module includes the following functions and many others:
  • Extended User Settings Panel (Date Format, Time Offset, Signature, Email Notifications)
  • Categorized Forum Boards
  • Topics with or without Polls
  • Multi Permission Levels (User, Staff, Moderator, Admin and Banned)
  • Multimedia Post Editor (using the powerful cKeditor)
  • Simple build-in search function.

Your pilot's will not have to log in/register to a second platform in order to post their questions or discuss with the rest of your pilots. We have decided to offer a demo system to help you understand the way it works.


Admin Username: DEV0001
Admin Password: 741852963

Moderator Username: DEV0003
Moderator Password: testing

User Username: DEV0002
Moderator Password: testing

The module is going to be released in the next few days as it is currently under testing from our beta testing virtual airlines. Also, an SMF migration tool is under development and we discuss to extend it to other platforms as per the user's requests. Feel free to let us know your feedback. Any suggestions are accepted. Bare in mind that due to its extended development, this module is going to be released as payware.

Best Regards,
PHP-Mods Dev Team

Thursday, May 26, 2016

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