What steps are being followed for a phpVMS custom project?

PHP-Mods Team has a wide knowledge of developing templates and modules for phpVMS. During the last years, we have developed a lot of custom templates and modules based on our client's needs. We are always available to undertake any new project. Below, there is a list of the steps which will be followed from the early beginning till the end. Bare in mind that, in some cases, the steps are not followed one by one cause every project has its own particularities.

  • The client gets in touch with our team via email or via opening a support ticket. Preferably, he/she can use the Request an Offer form which can be found at the footer of our website or here.
  • A member of our team gets in touch with the client and a communcation between both parts is started. The member of our Team will try to understand the client's needs, requests and what the client is willing to do for the development of the system.
  • The member of the team writes down a report which includes an extended description of the project. This description includes a list of the things which will be offered/development. This report is being sent to the client.
  • The client receives the report and he/she check if everything is based on what has been already discussed. The client can request any changes and accept the final report including his changes.
  • As soon as the client accepts the report, the member of our Team sends to the client a document which include the quote, a list of what is going to be offered to the client and the terms and conditions. In case that inside the report it is required for the member of the team to sign a Non Disclosure Approval Document, it is being sent too. The Non Disclosure Approval Document can be signed of at any time during the development process.
  • As soon as the client accepts the quote, he/she has to send the initial deposit. The PHP-Mods Billing Department confirms the deposit and the development of the project can start.
  • As soon as the development gets completed, the client gets access to a demo system which has the project installed and configured. This demo system is hosted in PHP-Mods Servers. The client will only has admin access to the system. No database or ftp access will be given to the client.
  • The client can suggest any edits and in the end confirm that everything is ok.
  • After that, the client should send the final payment.
  • The PHP-Mods Billing Department confirms the final payment and the member of our Team sends or installs the project to the client's website (based on what is offered through the quote).

These are in general the steps which are being followed for each project. PHP-Mods tryies to be clear to all its clients and as a result these steps have been decided in order to ensure that the project will be completed and both parts will be happy with the result.

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