Advanced News System

Advanced News System Module has been developed by PHP-Mods. This module helps you share with your pilots your VA's news. You can email a specific group of pilots with just a click and also your pilots are now able to post their comments about an announcement.

Current Version: v1.2
Released Date: 5/9/2014
Last Update: 1/10/2016
File Format: .zip
File Size: 140KB
Compatibility: phpVMS 5.5.2 -or- 2.1.935
Price: 15€ (incl VAT)

Compatible with phpVMS only! No refunds!

Module Information

Add as many news as you want.
Show a specific number of news in any part of your phpVMS website.
Let your pilots comment and share their ideas about an announcement (this can be also deactivated for some of the announcements).
Set specific terms and conditions for the comments.
Email a specific group of pilots and let them know about an announcement with just a few clicks.
Share the RSS link with your partners and your social media in order to publish your news wherever you want with just one click.

System Requirements

  • PHP 5.5 for phpVMS 5.5.2 -or- PHP 5.3 for phpVMS 2.1.935
  • ionCube Enabled


Demo System

Pilot ID: DEV0003
Password: 1234567

How to Install

The following installation steps have to be followed by those who have never installed any version of the Advances News System.

  1. Download the correct version from the PHP-Mods Website.
  2. Unzip the folder.
  3. Backup Both your phpVMS files and Database !!IMPORTANT!!
  4. Upload the folders/files inside the package in the main folder of your phpVMS installation (where admin, core and lib folders are).
  5. Go to your website url/AdvancedNewsInstallSql using your browser (for example
  6. Paste the license key you received from PHP-Mods and follow the Installation Steps.
  7. Delete both AdvancedNewsInstallSql and AdvancedNewsUpdateSql folders from the main folder of your phpVMS website.

The RSS link can be found on the main page of your module on your administration center. Wherever you want to show your VA's news, you will have to use the following part of code (where X, replace with the number of new you want to show):

<?php echo AdvancedNews::news(X); ?>