Frequently Asked Questions Module

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Module has been developed by PHP-Mods. Using this module, you can create specific questions with their correct answers. This will reduce your workload as your pilot's frequently questions will be answered using this module.

Current Version: v1.2
Released Date: 29/12/2012
Last Update: 6/12/2015
File Format: .rar
File Size: 248kb
Compatibility: phpVMS
Price: Free

Compatible with phpVMS only!

Download via here:

Module Information

Add and edit your va's frequently asked questions grouped into categories.
This module aims to reduce your VA's Staff Team workload.


How to Install

The following installation steps have to be followed by those who have never installed any version of the Frequently Asked Questions Module.

  1. Unzip the Frequently Asked Questions File you downloaded from github.
  2. Upload the files same as the structure of your phpVMS files.
  3. Go to in order to run the FAQInstallSql folder. This will install all the database tables.
  4. After the installation is completed, do not forget to delete the FAQInstallSql folder from your server.
  5. After the installation, a link will appear automatically in the add-ons section of your phpVMS Admin Center.

If you want a link back to the Frequently Asked Questions Module in Public Areas use this: -or- <?php echo url('/faq'); ?>