Forum System is a module developed for phpVMS by PHP-Mods. It works just like the rest of the other famous forum platforms such as SMF, phpBB etc. It gives you several abilities in order to enhance the communication of your pilots. Everything is controlled under phpVMS. Your pilots will be able to access your virtual airline's forum with just one click.

Current Version: v1.2
Released Date: 3/6/2016
Last Update: 11/5/2017
File Format: .zip
File Size: 1.61MB
Compatibility: phpVMS 5.5.2 -or- 2.1.935
Price: 50€ (incl VAT)

Compatible with phpVMS only! No refunds!

Module Information

Create Forum Categories & Boards
Pilots are able to Post Topics and Polls
Multi-Level User Permissions (Administrator, Moderator, Staff Member, General Member, Banned)
Pilots are able to change their time offset, select the email notifications, date and time format, signature under each post
Multipedia Post Editor with basic HTML commands and Smileys
Simple build in search function
PSD File Available for the Forum Icons

System Requirements

  • PHP 5.5 for phpVMS 5.5.2 -or- PHP 5.3 for phpVMS 2.1.935
  • ionCube Enabled


Demo System


Access Level: Administrator
Pilot ID: DEV0001
Password: 741852963

Access Level: Moderator
Pilot ID: DEV0003
Password: testing

Access Level: User
Pilot ID: DEV0002
Password: testing

How to Install

Below you can find the installation steps you will have to follow.

  1. Unzip the zipped Forum System you downloaded from our system.
  2. Inside this folder, there are two folders. One titled "php version" and one titled "tpl version". Upload the files of the appropriate folder based on your phpVMS version. The files must be uploaded same as the structure of your phpVMS files.
  3. Go to and follow the installation steps in order to install the required database tables. The license key is required.
  4. After you complete the installation, do not forget to delete the ForumInstallSql folder from your server.
  5. After the installation, a link will appear automatically in the add-ons section of your phpVMS Admin Panel.

If you want a link back to the Forum Module in Public Areas use this: -or- <?php echo url('/Forum'); ?>