Non Flown Flights Page

Non Flown Flights Module has been developed by PHP-Mods. This module is going to create a list with the flight which have not been flown yet by a pilot. This is based on the schedule's flight number.

Current Version: v1.3
Released Date: 24/2/2014
Last Update: 4/3/2014
File Format: .rar
File Size: 160kb
Compatibility: phpVMS
Price: Free

Compatible with phpVMS only!

Download via here:

Module Information

A list which shows the flights which have not been flown by a pilot yet.


How to Install

  1. Download the module from our Github account.
  2. Copy and upload the files same as the structure of your phpVMS Website.

If you want a link back to the Non Flown Flights Module in Public Areas use this (please note that the module can be accessed only by the logged in users of your website):<?php echo url('/NonFlownFlt');?>