Our Team is glad to announce you our latest module release. It's something you always wanted as it is considered a must-have for every successfully virtual airline. Forum module is fully compatible with phpVMS and it lets your pilots communicate with each other inside your virtual airline's website without having to maintain a second account somewhere else. The Forum includes several functions and there are more to come too. We were working on this module for more than two years. Its development is quiet extended cause we tried to implement most of the capabilities offered by the rest famous forum platforms.

More information about the Forum can be found on its official page here.

Due to some issues in our previous releases, we have implemented a license system. As soon as you purchase the module, you are receiving a License Key which has to be used by you during the installation process. Your server communicates with PHP-Mods Server and it ensures that the license is valid. We decided to implement that because it has been noticed that some users did not follow the Terms and Conditions of the modules. That way, we are able to check the active software installations. Your website communicates with our server once per two days. This means that if the license is not valid, you will receive an error message. Your website users will not notice anything regarding any license issue. The software will be marked as hidden if the license is not valid for any reason. The license validation process will be implemented in all our future module upgrades/releases.

We will be more than glad to hear a feedback from you. Also, any suggestion is accepted. Currently there is not any available converter from other Forum platforms to this forum but if your virtual airline is using a forum and you are interested in using this module and maintaining your forum's data, you can let us know via opening a support ticket under our phpVMS Modules Support Department. Our Team will be able to develop a custom solution based on your virtual airline's needs although we cannot ensure that everything can be transferred.

PHP-Mods Team would like to thank you for your support during all these years and we are doing our best to offer the best solutions to you.

Best Regards,
PHP-Mods Team

Friday, June 3, 2016

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