Pilot Awards (with Auto Awards) Module

Pilot Awards System has been developed by PHP-Mods. It is an updated-extended version of the default awards system of phpVMS. There are a lot of functions such as multiple awards with comments, auto awards etc.

Current Version: v2.0
Released Date: 16/9/2012
Last Update:


File Format: .zip
File Size: 159kb
Compatibility: phpVMS
Price: 40€ (incl VAT)

Compatible with phpVMS only! No refunds!

Module Information

Create award categories (General Awards, Tour Awards etc) and add specific awards on each one.
Issue a specific award more than once to each pilot.
Set a specific comment for each award issue.
Just like the default version, you can include your pilot’s assigned awards to their pilot profiles or their public profiles.
Show the latest award issues on any part of your website.
Set auto awards settings. The module offers 25 auto award options which are shown below.
Run the auto awards settings on your own via the admin center or create a cron-job in order to automatically assign the appropriate awards to your pilots.

Auto Awards based on: Hours, Flights, Landing Rate, Days of Membership (with or without weekends), Distance, Hours by Airline, Hours by Aircraft Type, Flights by Airline, Flights by Aircraft Type, Distance by Airline, Distance by Aircraft Type, Landing Rate by Aircraft Type, Flights by Airport Departed, Flights by Airport Arrived, Hours by Airport Departed, Hours by Airport Arrived, Times Flown a Schedule, Times Flown by ACARS, Pilot Money, Fuel Burned, Long Flight by Hours, Long Flight By Distance, Forum Posts (compatible with PHP-Mods Forum System), Screenshots Submitted (compatible with simpilot screenshot gallery), Tour Completed (compatible with simpilot tour system), Total Tours Completed (compatible with simpilot tour system and crazycreatives tourcenter).

More details and information about the module can be found on its manual.


*For your information, these screenshots might not be accurate. We would suggest you to use the demo system in order to check how the module works.

Demo System

URL: http://php-mods.eu/demo/pilotawards/
Pilot ID: DEV0003
Password: 1234567

How to Install

Details about the installation progress of the module can be found on its manual.